Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vegan Rella - Natural Cheese Alternative

I cannot for the life of me find a website about Vegan Rella, but I've read about it on some of the various food allergy blogs. Some reviews were good and some not so good, but as usual, I wanted to formulate my own decision. :)

I found it at a Whole Foods Market (either in Birmingham or Nashville... can't remember which... it might have even been both). The picture below is high resolution, so you should be able to click on it to enlarge if you can't read the ingredients well enough.

Please note that Vegan Rella is made in a facility that uses milk and soy products. If you can only use products that are made in dedicated facilities, I wanted to make this statement clear. Although Witt is anaphylactic to dairy, we have fortunatly had no reactions to parts per million/billion.

Anyway, I wanted to share my review.

We tried the Mozzarella brand on pizza. No good. The taste was as good as any other cheese alternative, but the texture was not right for pizza. When this brand melts, it MELTS! It stays creamy and it slid right off the pizza dough taking the toppings with it. The kids had a really hard time eating it and my picky eater wouldn't touch it.

I still had a block of cheddar flavor left and decided to try mac-n-cheese because of the creamy texture. I made some elbow noodles according to the package directions. Drained them and added the shredded Vegan Rella, some milk alternative, and a lot of salt.

The verdict? My middle son gobbled it up and asked for more. My youngest son ate what was on his plate and was done. Me? Well, I ate some, but it certainly isn't like the "real" mac-n-cheese I grew up with. I will probably make it again on rare occasions as my middle son really did like it.

Another option would be grilled cheese sandwiches. Go Dairy Free has a review of that here:


Dorm Mom said...

Have you tried the casein free rice cheese slices or the roads end organic mac and chreese? DS loves his grilled "special" cheese and the mac and chreese. I on the other hand....

Serena said...

I tried the Vegan Rella in an omelette this morning. It is pretty good but the cheese does get very liquid and creamy when melted. Although I like the texture, the cheese has a "rice" smell when you are cooking it that I will have to get used to. Well, there is a lot to get used to when you are eliminating foods from your diet. I read the reviews about other cheeses on this blog but most others contain some form of soy which I have to avoid. Thanks for this blog, it is very helpful!

FoodAllergyMom said...

Vegan Rella is the ONLY "cheese" my daughter will eat. Our local health food store quit stocking it a year ago and I can't find it anywhere else. I can't even find it online. Do you have any suggestions?

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

Vegan Rella has always been one of those "elusive" products. I never knew if I'd be able to find it or not at the store and there is MINIMAL online information on it. Such a pain! :)

The only thing I could find online about it was by doing a search for the distributor shown on the back of the package. Here's the website I found:

There are no further links from this website to a VeganRella site, though. You may just have to contact the distributor for more info. Good luck! :)

Becky @ Must Follow Recipes

FoodAllergyMom said...

Thank you. That's pretty much all I came up with too. I guess I need to beg my local grocer to try and get it again.