Thursday, December 3, 2009

Call for Allergy Cooks

UPDATE (12/08/2009): Thank you all who have volunteered to share your recipes!! I can't wait to see your additions to Must Follow Recipes! At this time, I am going to close "the call for cooks" as I have several interested. Thank you so much!!!


I'd like to see the number of recipes grow on this site. It seems there is a real need for more allergy recipes, as I continue to get emails for suggestions; however, one person can only do so much and I would love to see some more variety on this site.

If you are interested, please email me at missbecky75 [at] gmail [dot] com or leave me a comment with information on how to reach you. Please list the food allergens that you don't include in your recipes and how long you have been dealing with food allergies. I would also be interested in including a vegan author.

Please know that this is not a paying gig. :)

I would like to have 2 - 3 additional authors to begin 2010. Here are the requirements:

  • Recipes must be free of milk, eggs, and peanuts (at least)
  • Recipes must have been tried by your family and liked
  • If you borrow a recipe from somewhere, you must give credit to the original author
  • You must post a new, tried and true recipe at least once a quarter
  • You are willing to share your recipes for free
That's it! (Well, that's all I can think of right now, anyway.)

I'm not expecting this to blossom into anything huge, I'd just like to see more offered here at Must Follow Recipes. So if you are interested in including your recipes, please email me ASAP.

Looking forward to swapping and sharing recipes!!


Nowheymama said...

Talk to Alisa. I'm sure she'd be happy if you linked to all of the Go Dairy Free recipes.

Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

What a great idea!

Tammy said...

Hellloooo. Your banana bread is in my oven and I just came across this post :) I have a 3 yr old who is allergic/ sensitive? to dairy and lots of our recipes are modified for that.

If you would like to chat more, let me know!


Food Allergy Assistant said...

We've been dairy, egg, peanut and tree nut free for 9 years. I have great recipes- many listed on my site. I'm happy to share!

Food Allergy Assistant

Scottish Twins said...

I'd love to do it! Our kids have the same allergies, so why not?!

Mel said...

I would love to guest post. My daughter has milk, egg and peanut allergies (along with other tree nuts).

Here's a link to my blog.

Feel free to e-mail at


The Snells said...

I stumbled across this blog after a fellow mommy posted the blog on babycenter reflux board. My daughter is allergic to dairy, rice flour, and soy as of now. I am trying to find things to make her all the time! thank you sooo much for all this info! I would be more than happy to pass along any that i come across...they wont be my own as i am NO good at making up recipes but i will happily give credit to anyone who i get them from! As of now I have a great bread, cake, frosting and cookie ones :)You can contact me at or

Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

I saw your reply over on my food blog. I am horrible about checking that blog. I update it so rarely now a days. I can post for milk, eggs, and peanut free stuff. Roger outgrew his egg allergy, but I still remember some of my tricks for cooking without them.