Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Story

Since I've been introducing the new allergy cooks, I thought it would be appropriate to share a little bit of our story, too.

In October 2007, our youngest son (then 5 months old) had an anaphylactic reaction to his first bottle of milk-based baby formula. After allergy testing, a severe dairy allergy was confirmed as well as allergies to egg whites and egg yolks. Because his allergies were life threatening, we immediately began living as a dairy-free/egg-free family. A year later, peanuts were added to his list of allergens.

As I began making more and more from scratch, I found that it was often cheaper (and healthier) to make our own meals and not rely heavily on pre-packaged, processed foods. As I had the time, I recorded some of our favorite recipes here as a way to organize them. I had no idea that it would become a source to meet other allergy families, swap recipes, and share stories. Being in contact with other families has been such a blessing!

2009 began our intentional journey of integrating more whole foods while continuing the strict avoidance of his allergens. I began using more whole wheat flour, coconut oil, sucanat, and the like in our recipes during this time. Baby steps, as they say. :)

In December 2009 at his annual allergy testing, it was determined that our son's allergies had disappeared! All tests came back negative! Gone! God is so good! He passed the live milk challenge that was conducted under medical supervision. He has also passed at-home tests of baked-in egg. He won't touch a straight egg yet. LOL! We will do at-home testing for peanuts after he turns three in May 2010.

2010 will mark the beginning of learning how to cook without limitations of allergens, but within the limitations of nourishing foods. I've started a new recipe blog to organize the recipes I convert towards whole food and cook from scratch.

Although I won't have a lot more to add regarding DFEFPF recipes, there are still several recipes that we've tried but haven't gotten around to posting yet. I'm hoping that the addition of more allergy cooks to Must Follow Recipes will keep the recipes flowing. If you would like to include your family's recipes as well, please email me! {missbecky75 *at* gmail [dot] com}

If you would like to read our full story, feel free to visit us at Boys Rule My Life.

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