Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome New Allergy Cook: Scottish Twins!

My son, Gabriel, had his first allergic reaction when he was 2 months old, after he had milk-based formula for the first time. While we were in the ER the doctors told us that he had a milk allergy and that we should only give him soy-based formulas. But, when we tried soy he had a similar reaction. Doctors confirmed his milk and soy allergies with blood tests and we thought surely he wouldn't be allergic to anything else.

When he was six months old we started introducing solid foods. We made sure to only try one food at a time and never introduce more than one new item in a week. It was through this process that we discovered his allergies to eggs, pineapple, and tomato. Then, around 14 months Gabe was accidentally given a cereal and we discovered his peanut allergy. By the time he was two years old blood and skin tests had confirmed his allergies to cow's milk, goat's milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, pineapple and tomato.

In December 2009, skin tests showed that he no longer had the tomato, pineapple, or soy allergies. Since I have a soy intolerance, most of my recipes still do not contain soy products.

Feeding Gabe has always been a challenge, but I have reached the point now where I can adapt just about any recipe to be safe for him. Our family focuses a lot on alternative health and whole foods, and we document our journey toward wellness at intendedtemple.blogspot.com. We like to avoid processed foods and many of my recipes reflect that.

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