Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HOMEMADE Coconut Milk Yogurt

Funky Food writes that she has successfully made homemade coconut milk yogurt at home!  I LOVE coconut milk yogurt, but WOWSERS (!), it is expensive!
So Delicious

Check out her starting recipe (originally made with milk, but shows an update at the end of the post) and be sure to read the comments for further suggestions regarding thickening of the yogurt.  Then you should check out her updated recipe specific to the coconut milk.

Have you successfully made dairy free yogurt at home?  Add your link to the comments, please! Thanks!


Where to Buy Coconut Oil said...

Coconut milk yogurt! This is something. Coconuts are delicious and nutritious. It should be a hit by now. Very yummy recipes1 keep it up. Cheers!

Karrin said...

This looks so good!
I am so glad to come across this blog!
I have severe dairy allergies so finding your blog has been so helpful.
I have recently started a blog devoted to homemade non dairy ice cream! Have a look if you get a chance
homemade non-dairy ice cream

Thank you!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

I tried to make coconut yogurt and ended up with runny kiefer. boo!