Friday, July 10, 2009

Cookbook Giveaway


We are in the process of moving and I need to part with some of my cookbooks. The majority of them I will be posting on PaperBackSwap, but I thought I would pass this one on to one of my readers.

The No Moo Cookbook was written in 1976 by a mother of a dairy allergic son. It was originally started as a wedding present for her son's future wife. I purchased this when we first learned of our son's anaphylactic reaction to dairy. I have gleaned what I needed to from this cookbook and thought I would pass it along in the form of a giveaway.

Here are the "rules":

1) Must have a US mailing address.

2) One entry per person. Entries are made through the comments.

3) In your comment, you must include why you would like this book. (Basically, I want to make sure it goes to a person dealing with a dairy-free diet in some way and not to someone that just wants a free book.) If you don't include your "why" your comment will be deleted.

4) You do not have to be a blogger to win, but you must leave some way for me to contact you in your comments. I will not hunt you down to tell you that you won... sorry.

5) Once the winner is announced and I email you, you will have two days to claim the cookbook before I choose another winner.

6) You have until NOON CST, Wednesday, July 15, 2009 to enter.

Good luck!


Kathleen said...

First, good luck with your move. As a military wife, I've moved MANY times. It's both exciting and exhausting.
Second, the reason I am entering your contest is because this year, when my son's allergy to dairy became so obvious we had to cut it out of his diet, I decided to also cut it out of mine. I already knew I had issues, but lo and behold I felt so much better. With some yearning for our old favorites, we've become a dairy free family (my daughter has her own issues with dairy).
It has been an interesting journey to say the least. Dining out or even with well intentioned family members is not my favorite thing. And at home, I try and try to come up with dishes that satisfy their childlike need for "comfort" foods. Thankfully they are young enough for me to retrain their minds and give them a new world of comfort foods - foods that don't cause intestinal disease, mucous, constipation, etc.!


Laurel said...

My 2-y-o daughter's skin bubbles up with hives when she comes into contact with dairy, so our house is (mostly) dairy-free. I'm pregnant with our second, and worry about this child daily. I know it's silly - my worrying isn't going to change anything, but I would much rather that this baby not have to know that "cheese makes A. sick."

Hannah's Mom said...

Pick me, pick me!! :) I always feel like I'm in such a rut with our dairy-free meals. I'm always looking for something new that we all like...if that's even possible. I only have one dairy-free cookbook, and I'd love to have another!

Jamie Bahr said...

I would love a dairy-free c.b.! My 3 year old son has anaphylactic reactions as well to dairy (he is also allergic to peanut, soy, and eggs, but that's another story:) My husband is also allergic to dairy, but in a weird way where he can have butter and milk if it is cooked first. This worked for my son for a little while, and then he started having hives to any sort of dairy. I get tired of making two of many dishes in our home. THanks! my email is BTW, I am preparing to officially start homeschooling my daughter this fall. I would love any advice you could pass along!

Anonymous said...

I spent most of Monday in the ER after my 2 1/2 year old son had an anaphylactic reaction to milk--when we arrived, he was still symptomatic twenty minutes after receiving the EPI Pen. I've known about his allergy for nearly two years now, and we have worked hard to keep him safe--but not hard enough! I found your site while searching for dairy-free recipes, because my entire family went dairy-free Monday. I am so thankful for the recipes you have provided on your site, and am eager to try the chicken casserole after grocery shopping tomorrow! I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you put into your blog. I hope the book goes to a good home!

ALZ said...

Wow. Guess my situation certainly isn't as bad as any of your other readers, but as a self-proclaimed "foodie" who loves to cook, when my 3 mo. old daughter's pediatrician said no more dairy for me, I kinda freaked out. It's been pretty hard for me to do (gosh i love cheese) but I desperately want to continue breastfeeding and would do anything to make sure she's okay with what I'm ingesting. So I found your website searching for a good banana bread recipe! ;) Thanks for the recipe - and figured i might as well try to win a cookbook. Thanks again for all the great suggestions on your blog.

Francesca said...

I came across your site while researching a good dairy-free, egg-free pancake recipe. Made them last week and my son gobbled them up! My son (almost 2) has the same allergies as yours: egg, peanut, dairy. I don't have any cookbooks for these exclusions, and the ones I've picked up from the library haven't given me much luck.
I'd love any cookbook that would have a personal recommendation by someone whose interests revolve around keeping her child safe and healthy.
You can contact me at:
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Wow! So many stories here and most of the time I feel so alone in this plight! My 3 yr old daughter has severe allergies including dairy, peanuts, eggs, hazelnut, pork, grapefruit, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes... the list seems to get longer each time we do the allergy testing. Beyond the anaphylactic reactions that occur when she eats such foods, I am also dealing with her extreme case of eczema. The allergic reactions to food are also evident in her skin, making it much worse for her to deal with everyday life. I also have a son that is almost two and as of now has had no allergic reactions to anything. But, as a single, working mom, I don't have time to make 3 different meals and need recipes that all of us can enjoy, but are safe for my daughter.

I've tried your dairy-free Tuna casserole and we all love it! I would greatly appreciate the cookbook as I have none and really need to put some variety into our meal life.

My email is or via cell at 310.310.4483.

Thanks for all that you have shared. I am so grateful.


Kim said...

I just came across your site on the foodie blogroll. My son has many allergies, but not dairy (sings a song of praise). However, I am a keeper of an epipen too. My son is allergic to wheat, eggs, beef, turkey, soy, peanuts, beans, lentils, red dye. He was allergic to rice and oats but we have recently overcome that. We also found out he had a major case of acid reflux that was creating mass confusion with allergies, but that is fixed. Wouldn't it be nice if we could find a fix to this allergy problem? Anyway, love your blog. It's nice to have people to share the allergy issues with : )