Friday, February 22, 2008

Marmalade Pork (Dairy Free)

With permission...
Super Yummy Pork from In the kitchen with KC

The original recipe uses pork roast, but I used 4 chops because that's what I had on hand. I'm sure it would be good with any kind of pork! DE-licious! and Eee-zee! :)

mix equal parts soy sauce and orange marmalade (about 1/2 cup of each)
add 2 chopped cloves of garlic (I used minced)

cover pork with marinade
cook in 375 oven until internal temp reaches 160

Serve with steamed spinach and whole wheat couscous - the marinade/sauce is SUPER good on the spinach/couscous.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out for hidden Dairy in Pork or other products.
Kosher is a safe choice.
Sometimes Pork and other unclean meats are processed with casein and or whey to enhance the flavors.
No, they don't tell you.

Love in Christ,
Mother Love