Thursday, November 29, 2007

Frosting for Cut-Out Cookies (Dairy Free)

This is not a very precise recipe. I have to play with it every year to get it "just right".

2 cups powdered sugar
2 Tbs melted dairy free margarine
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 c dairy free shortening
4 tsp Soy milk
prepared coffee to cut sweetness (optional)
food coloring as desired

I use my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer to stir this up. You want it to be smooth and spreadable. It will take about 5 minutes of beating to get the right consistency. Yield: frosts approximately 75 cookies

Add the coffee a little at a time and taste test to your desired sweetness (that's the fun part!).

We found that with the food coloring it's best to just make the given colors of red, yellow, and blue, and green first. Then take what you need from each to make orange, purple, etc.


Margie said...

I noticed that you use a lot of dairy free margarines but unfortunately, all we can find have palm or coconut in them and we are deathly allergic to tropical oils and fruits.

What can we substitute for the recipes that call for the dairy free margarines?

Thank you for your help.

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

@Margie ~ Wow, that's a tough one! I really don't have an answer for you. We used a lot of coconut oil for many of our replacements.

The only thing that comes to mind is pasture-raised lard. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but they used lard in pastries A LOT years ago.

If you do decide to go this route, please don't use the stuff you find in the stores as it is hydrogenated and terribly bad for you. Farm, pasture-raised pork is safe (assuming no allergies) and natural.

I did do a post on rendering lard here on MFR, if you want to check it out.

Good luck in your search for healthy alternatives for your family. I know it's rough! God bless ~

Becky @ MustFollowRecipes